One American Robin



One American Robin is available now.

Robin is a lonely, whip-smart twenty-five-year-old muddling her way through a rough summer. Her father’s losing his mind to dementia. He also might be falling in love, which is nice, but it has Robin wondering: is it adultery if you can’t remember you have a wife?

Then there’s Corey, her mysterious neighbor who works on his house all day, every day. When Robin finally meets him, she sees an attractive lifeline into a new phase in her life. But how well does she know Corey really? Why doesn’t he ever leave his house?

As summer bleeds into fall, Robin answers these questions while juggling familial fissures, money problems, and a fruitless quest to capture her father’s rapidly deteriorating memories. Set in Providence, Rhode Island during the worst recession in generations, One American Robin is a funny and heartbreaking examination of love, dementia, and the life-changing power of home improvement.